"We have no family in the area, so having a safe place for our children to spend some time doing something they love, whilst allowing us to get on with jobs or spend time together at weekends is priceless" Parent Jan '18"

"I love coming to The Budding Chef's Club, because I have made lots of new friends and it's fun to get all sticky when we make bread"

Child Jan '18

"My child really enjoys coming to the club. Our little galley kitchen doesn't allow us to cook together at home, which is a shame, as my child loves cooking. So pleased to have found you!" Parent Feb '18

"We've already seen a massive change in how confident our children are since starting the cooking club. They can't wait for the weekend now, and always ask if they can do the next session" Parent Feb '18

"I really like that the staff make sure everyone can join in, even if they have allergies or can't have certain food groups. They always check and find alternatives so my child doesn't have to miss out." Parent Jan '18

"This is the best day EVER. Please can I come back every week?"

Child Jan '18

"My child really enjoys his Saturday afternoons now - he doesn't even talk about his XBox anymore!"

Parent Feb '18

"Your efforts and kindness and amazing organisational skills are doing my child sooooo much good. You really are making such a difference to X who generally struggles socially - he feels accepted, an active participant and successful! And this has got to be the first time in X's life that X has felt good about anything." 

Parent Feb '18

"My Mum said children used to learn to cook at school, but we don't get to learn to cook in my school. I like coming here and doing everything myself then seeing my mum's face when she tries what I've made" Child Jan '18

"Food tastes so much nicer when you have made it yourself. I didn't think that I even liked scones until I made them here and could see all the things that made them were things I already like" Child Feb '18

"I have never seen my child so happy, confident and proud of themselves before. Even the teachers at school have noticed the change! Thank you all so much for all you do"

Parent Jan '18

"The best thing about this club is that every child is welcome - they aren't made to feel any different, and are included in everything. Each child is made to feel as though they can achieve anything, irrespective of their abilities. Friends are made quickly, and the whole club is a warm and welcoming place." Parent Feb '18

"Coming here is so much better than spending an afternoon on my iPad! And I got to eat brownies!" Child Feb '18

"I accidentally

licked the spoon

because the brownie mixture smelt and looked so good"

Child, Feb '18

"I take the recipes home and keep them in a special folder. I think it will be really useful for when I have to grow up and not live with my Mum anymore, because they are all things that I know how to make now, so I can make myself stuff to eat."

Child Feb '18

"My child has a range of learning difficulties, and has struggled to keep up her peers at other out of school activities, making her not want to go. The beauty of this cooking club, is that although the staff are aware of her needs, there is no differentiation between able and less able children. My child is easily able to do as much as any other child, and begs to go as often as possible to see her new friends."

Parent April '18

"It's just like making slime, but better, because I get to eat it afterwards!"

Child April '18 

"I like coming here because now I can cook more different things than my Dad!"

Child June '18

"I started Brownies this week and was really nervous, but then I saw a girl that comes to the budding chef's club sometimes that I really like, so I wasn't worried any more. Now we can see each other at two places, and we don't go to the same school".

Child April '18

"I love coming to the club, I get to see my friends from other schools that I didn't know until I joined. It's really good to have friends from different places." 

Child March '18

"I'm not sure what I like best about coming here. I really like cooking and eating it when I get home, but I also really like playing with the other children and talking to them when we are doing things like kneading or creaming"

Child June '18