The health and safety of our club members and our staff is of paramount importance to The Budding Chef’s Club.

This document has been written to ensure that we have a firm policy to protect everyone, and robust procedures to enable us to do that.


The steps we have taken to ensure the Health and Safety of all our members are;


  • Holding Public Liability Insurance of £5 million

  • Holding Employer's Liability Insurance

  • Having a suitably stocked First Aid box available at all times

  • Ensuring that Senior staff who work with children hold a valid 12 hour Paediatric First Aid certification

  • Ensuring that Senior staff hold a valid Fire Safety certification

  • Ensuring that all staff hold (or are working towards) a relevant childcare qualification, or have completed 'Common Core of Skills and Knowledge in Education'

  • Ensuring that all staff hold valid Enhanced DBS certificates and are registered with the DBS update service

  • Ensuring that all staff have undertaken ‘Working together to safeguard children’ training provided by West Sussex County Council as a minimum

  • Ensuring that Senior staff hold Level 2 Food and hygiene certificates

  • Being registered with Ofsted

  • Ensuring that we have a robust Risk Assessment

  • Ensuring that we have Accident, Incident and Sickness logs and regularly complete these as approprite

  • Ensuring that we have emergency procedures in place in the event of injury, fire, flood or any other need for evacuation of the premises.

  • Ensuring that nobody can enter the premises during a session without prior authorisation by the Senior Manager. Where is it necessary that somebody does enter the building, we will ensure they do not have unsupervised contact with any child

  • Ensuring that no child can leave the premises until they are collected by their authorised adult 


The ongoing steps we will take to further ensure the Health and Safety everyone in our care are;


  • Ensuring the First Aid box is accessible at all times, and the contents are checked weekly

  • Ensuring Senior staff update their paediatric first aid certification before it expires

  • Ensuring Senior staff update their fire safety certification before it expires

  • Adopting recruitment and selection procedures to deter, reject, or identify people who might abuse children or adults, or are unsuited to working with them

  • Not allowing any paid staff, volunteer or student over the age of 16 to work with children in our care without a valid enhanced DBS Certificate

  • Always holding valid insurance 

  • Preventing staff from attending work when they are ill

  • Ensuring all staff update their safeguarding training regularly

  • Undertaking regular performance reviews of our staff

  • Conducting a walkabout to identify risk in accordance with our Risk Assessment document before each session and acting accordingly before the session begins

  • Removing, repairing or replacing anything that may cause risk or injury to staff, adults or children in our care

  • Regularly inspecting equipment and tools for signs of damage or breakage, removing and replacing where necessary

  • Keeping sharp tools locked away when not in use, and closely supervising children during use

  • Allowing only adults to place things in, and remove them from the oven

  • Providing protective equipment for use by staff, adults and children in our care, such as aprons and oven gloves

  • Ensuring regular handwashing using hand-soap in sinks separate to those used for washing up

  • Regular wiping down, cleaning and sanitising surfaces

  • Ensuring hazardous cleaning products are kept out of reach of children

  • Regularly reviewing and updating of our policies, procedures and forms