Many of the children who come to our club also take part in Scouting or Girl Guiding. We know there are a lot different badges that children can work towards, and we are very happy to support your child(ren) in gaining their badges.

Each group is different, and there are various staged badges, so we ask that parents/carers discuss the requirements with their child's leader for the relevant badge, and then let us know what needs to be covered. We are happy to liaise directly with your child's leader if you give us permission to do so, or alternatively, we can provide written evidence to support your child in gaining their badge. We can email leaders directly, or email parents a letter on company headed paper.

We will make sure that all aspects are covered during our usual sessions, and we don't charge any extra for this.

Speak to Hannah at a session, or contact us to let us know the requirements for your child's badge.

Here's a letter we recently wrote in support of a Beaver's badge:

Dear *******

We have been so pleased by the amazing progress you have made at cooking club over the last few weeks. You should be incredibly proud of yourself!

We know you have been working hard to earn your Cook Activity Badge, and we think you have now done all you need to, to be awarded your badge 😊

Over the last few weeks, you have shown us that you:

  • Know what makes a balanced diet. You can talk about what foods are good for us, what we should only eat as a treat, and what we need to eat and drink to stay healthy.

  • Understand why we need to: wear aprons; wash our hands; keep our workstations clean and tidy; not use things that have been dropped on the floor; and why we use antibacterial cleaning products to clean before, during and after cooking.

  • Know why only adults are allowed to put things in and take things out of the oven at club and why we wear oven gloves.

  • Know how to use lots of different utensils safely and responsibly, including: pizza cutters; cheese graters; hand-whisks and knives. You understand why we keep sharp things in the sharps box when we aren’t using them.

  • You always listen to instructions and take care when you are cooking.

We would like to confirm that you have made the following recipes from scratch:

  • 2 Victoria sponge cakes

  • 12 sausage rolls

  • 4 pizzas

  • 4 chocolate orange cheesecakes

We’re sure that Mummy has some photos of you and your wonderful cooking, but we’ve added some here showing you in action at club.

Once again, well done ******, you really are a superstar baker!