Complaints regarding Children’s Sessions


The Budding Chef’s Club hopes that all parents/carers and children are happy with the service we provide. However, we do appreciate that there may be occasions where our service falls short of your expectations, or we are not offering the service you or your child require.


We hope that you will feel able to approach us and discuss your complaint/concerns/issues with us directly. If you would rather discuss this without your child present, please let us know so we can arrange a mutually convenient time.


It is an Ofsted requirement that all complaints are logged, along with the outcome and any action taken. These records must be available to show an Ofsted inspector if required. We will keep separate records for this purpose which will remain confidential unless an Ofsted inspector asks to see it. The records will contain the following;


  • Name of the person making the complaint

  • The nature of the complaint

  • Date and time of the complaint

  • The welfare requirements to which the complaint relates

  • Action taken in response to the complaint

  • The outcome of the investigation into the complaint (e.g. how the service has improved)

  • The information and findings given to the person making the complaint


We will also keep a summary of the complaint to provide on request to any parent/carer of a child who uses our service. This summary will not include any names or contact details of the child or parent/carer of the child. We will keep this record for 3 years.


If, after any discussion and/or investigation, your complaint/concerns/issues remain unresolved, you can talk in confidence to the West Sussex Family Information Service at 01243 777807 or by email at


As a next step, you can put your complaint in writing to us, in which case, we are required to respond in writing to you within 28 days.


In the event that your complaint is still unresolved, you can make a formal complaint. In this case, you will need to contact the Ofsted Complaints and Investigation Unit on 0300 123 4666, or online at: 



This page was last updated on the 8th January 2019